Minister - currently vacant - our Interim Moderator : Rev Richard Buckley

Student Worker - Sarah Yang

Session Clerk - Noel Peacock

Clerk to the Congregational Board - Harry Laird

Treasurer - Gordon Penman

Everyone in Sandyford is invited to be part of a smaller group where we can get to know one another far better. Here are the group options available to you:

  • Prayer Groups - every Wednesday evening we meet in prayer groups for the second half of our prayer meeting. Every member of Sandyford Church is automatically a member of one of these prayer groups, and anyone else is welcome to come and join a group. These are great times for praying for one another and issues that we’re concerned about. It’s an important time for us as a family.
  • The Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship- 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Begins at 2.15 pm in the church hall.
  • The Walking Group - Normally, first Saturday of the month. We tackle a variety of easy and more ambitious walks and hills. If you enjoy getting away into the hills, you’ll love this group. Contact David Blenkinson for more information.
  • Student Plus Bible Study - every Thursday at 7.30pm in the church hall. This is for students and 20’s and 30’s. All interested please contact Bob Trelogan for more information.
  • Student Bible Study - every Tuesday at 7.00pm. All interested please contact our Student Worker - Sarah Yang For more information
  • International Student Cafe - Every Friday at 8.00pm in the church hall. Contact Garry Osbourne or Peter Billington for more information.
  • The ruling body in the church are know as the Session and are made up of Elders. The Session meets once a month to discuss church matters. Currently the Session comprises 
  • Rev Richard Buckley - Interim Moderator
  • Alex Glen
  • George Chalmers
  • David Rickards
  • David Kennedy
  • Garry Osbourne
  • Gordon Neilson
  • Gordon Penman 
  • William Laird 
  • Iain Inglis
  • Johnny Wilson
  • Michael Grant
  • Noel Peacock 
  • Robert Trelogan
  • Tony Crow
  • Alan Macpherson
  • Peter Billington

There is another group in the church know as the Congregational Board and they look after the fabric of the church and deal initially with monetary matters. All Session members are automatically members of the Congregational Board.

Other members are

  • Kerri Bates
  • Anne Billington
  • Mary Bonham
  • Christine Crow
  • Fran Downs
  • Mary Forbes
  • Elisabeth Gemmell
  • Esther Glen
  • Sylvia Innes
  • Isobel Kempsell
  • Ellen Penman
  • Jennifer McIntyre
  • Laura Buist
  • Elizabeth Osbourne 

The Fabric Committee

  • Anne Billington
  • Harry Laird
  • Iain Inglis
  • Garry Osbourne 
  • Laura Buist