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What we stand for

November 2007

Dear Friends,

Since this is the month when our area is suddenly crowded with students from UK and all over the world, I write to you newly arrived young men and women to say welcome and also to lay out our stall: to say what we stand for and why we are proud of the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ.

On the back of every edition of the magazine we state:

Sandyford exists:

  • To honour and enjoy God
  • To strengthen spiritual life through the systematic exposition of scripture and worldwide intercession
  • To offer Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • To serve and influence our world in a Christian way

Since we invite you to join us in this largest of all visions, notice that it is based on certain assumptions.

It assumes we are living in Someone’s world, the personal Being we call God and whom Jesus Christ called ‘Father’ when he conversed with him. It assumes that we are spiritual beings, that God has made us for himself and that our hearts are restless until we find our rest in him.

It assumes we are sinners: that we often miss the mark and fall short in our relationships and conduct. It assumes that this constitutes a serious problem for God (being totally upright, morally perfect) in accepting us: so serious that he came personally among us in Jesus and by his atoning death opened the door (through faith) to God’s forgiveness and a new start strengthened by the Spirit of God.

It assumes that God wants the values that flow from his kingship to be put into action in every realm of life - political, moral, social, economic and spiritual - and gives us the considerable responsibility of working for this.

For all of these assumptions we have good evidence. We find in fact that in this trust in Jesus, and this commitment to honour and enjoy God, lie the highest fulfilment possible for a human. For it is our reason for existing.

We do honestly believe that this is the path to peace in our world, and also to confidence on the day when we shall stand before God’s judgement seat and be apportioned - for bliss or regret - to our appropriate eternal destiny.

Will you join us in this quest?

Yours sincerely,

C. Peter White

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