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October 2006

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of Sandyford Henderson for the warm welcome that has been shown to me as I embark on this new role as young adult and student worker. I have been immensely encouraged by the support that the Kirk Session and Congregational Board have given in the build up to this new role and by the many small conversations had after church services.
After many months of talk, it is exciting to be started. As a “Young Adult and Student Worker”, my goal is to develop a strong sense of community among students and young adults in the church. This is a daunting task but vital to the growth of Sandyford Henderson as it seeks to serve in a parish where students and young professionals make up a large proportion of the population. My job will involve looking at ways to make church more accessible to the 18-35 age range and provide opportunities for those who feel on the fringes to enjoy fellowship with one another and the wider church family.

My main work is going to be with international students. Shirley Fraser (Friends International) spoke so clearly at my commissioning service about the vision of Revelation 7, and the “foretaste of heaven” that we can experience today as we welcome students from around the world and enjoy worshipping the one Lord together. I look forward to working in partnership with the congregation as we welcome international students in the name of Jesus and share our lives with them. Let us take literally Luke 10:27 “love your neighbour as yourself.”

Douglas Humphris

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