• Sat 12

    • 10:00am

      “Lamenting for the City” - The Quest for a Credible Faith in an Urban World - Day Conference

      David Smith and Wes White deliver this conference as an all day event in Sandyford Church [lunch will be provided]- come along and be informed, engaged and challenged!

      Vision - To see the cities of the world transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ

      Neopolis Exploratory Day:

      9:30am: Coffee/Tea
      9:55am: Wesley White – Introduction (including post-it notes about topics/subjects for Neopolis) - and discuss again over lunch - and then in FIRST discussion group...
      10:00am: Wesley White - Bible Study
      10:45am: Coffee/Tea Break
      11:15am: David Smith - KEYNOTE ADDRESS
      12:30pm: Lunch
      1:30-2:00pm: Discussion of David’s Paper
      2:00pm-2:15pm: Cheerleaders (two) Testimonies
      2:15pm: FIRST DISCUSSION SESSION - What Should Neopolis Do?
      - 20 minutes discussion
      - 20 minutes feedback
      3:00pm: Coffee/ Tea Break
      3:30pm: SECOND DISCUSSION SESSION - How Can It Be Done and Who Should Do It?
      - 20 minutes discussion
      - 20 minutes feedback
      4:15pm: CONCLUSION

      Who We Are? - Neopolis is a city-facing, multi-ethnic, global network and family of churches. We work with existing churches to plant churches.