While you are studying in Glasgow, we want to make you feel at home with the Sandyford church family. You can make friends from all over the world and grow in your understanding and faith in Jesus Christ. Whether you are a believer or not, you are most welcome to join us at our weekly events.

For more information email: sandyfordstudents@gmail.com or search ‘sandyford henderson’ on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Weekly events

Thursday 7:30-8.30pm: Student Plus Bible study
A chance to get to know other students and young folk in the church. If you haven’t been to church before and would like to find out more about Christianity there is a group for you as well as a group for Christians looking to deepen their faith.

Friday 8-10pm: Student Cafe
A relaxed evening to chat and have a laugh at the end of the week. This is an opportunity to meet other students and some local people.

We have special events and themed evenings throughout the year, including ceilidhs, movie nights, baking, painting and games. We also invite students to get involved and show us something of their own culture, from Chinese songs to Hungarian dancing.

Sunday services: 11am & 6:30pm
The whole church meets together to praise God together and listen to a talk based on the Bible.

We begin by singing a few songs (words are shown on a screen) and someone will pray at the front. Then there is a short talk for the children and then we listen to God’s word being preached. Afterwards tea and coffee is served and you can meet other church members.

Free Sunday lunches: 1pm
Most weeks we hope there will be lunch available for the student community at Sandyford Henderson, this is open to everyone and is a great way to get to make some friends. The lunches are spread between the church and the homes of members.

Hill walks
Once a month, a group of keen hikers from the church take us to hills nearby to enjoy the Scottish countryside.

Sandyford Prayer Meeting 

This takes place in the church halls every Wednesday and we would love more students to join with us in prayer. The usual format is  a short Bible Study followed by open prayer and then a time in groups. 7.30 pm - 9.15 pm. Please come along and participate in a life changing activity.

For more information, or if you would like to attend any events please email: sandyfordstudents@gmail.com or search ‘sandyford henderson’ on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Romans 10 v 9